Civil wastewater treatment plant

Civilian wastewater treatment plant in the Italian military base in support of Gibuti


The Green MBBR Compact wastewater treatment plant has been designed to treat 64 mc/day of civil water in order to guarantee the respect of the limits for discharge in surface water (D.lgs. 152/99).

Green MBBR system, made by IDRO Group, is ideal for further purifying water that has passed through a septic system and each is customized according to the characteristics of the water to be treated.

The system include: 

  • pretreatment,
  • biological oxidation using MBBR technology (Moving Bed Biological Reactor),
  • sedimentation with lamella packs,
  • disinfection of the treated water.

At the heart of the system is a MBBR process that combines activated sludge and biofilm technologies. Microorganisms grow on specially designed filling bodies which are kept in suspension and constat movement. Over time excess biomass detached from the bodies and is removed.

MBBR system permits a very high level of wastewater purification. If not reused the clean effluent contains no substance dangerous to the natural environment.

IDRO group plants for civil wastewater take up less space during transport and are easy to manage thus minimizing operational costs.

Location: Italian Military support base in GIBUTI.
Client: Italian Buildings company
Project type: Engineering,  coordination of assembly operation, supervision and training on site at first start-up.
Water treatment plant: Biological plant with MBBR technology, sedimentation and lamella packs.
Raw Water sources: Civil wastewater.
Treated water quality: Water for irrigation, washing vehicles and/or flushing of toilets.
Capacity range: Design for flows 64 mc/day

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