Civil Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water treatment plant for the Italian Air Force


The system is designed for the treatment of civil wastewater sized for a user of 750 equivalent inhabitants, according to the specific requests and respecting the concentrations for the discharge on soil regulated by Legislative Decree 152/06, table IV.

The biological plant is designed to treat 165 m3 / day and is placed inside two demountable containers and a technical room.

The solution has been designed to meet the space and mobility needs requested by the customer, minimizing operating costs and also allowing the possible extension of the plant with treatment sections of the same type.

The type of process is an activated sludge treatment, integrated with biological and chemical dephosphorization with filtration on MBR membranes.

This system has been optimized to ensure constant operation.

The removal of phosphorus is carried out biologically and with the addition of chemicals. MBR membranes guarantee compliance with the required discharge limits (table IV) without the use of further post treatments

Inside the technical room there is the electrical panel equipped with a PLC and the control panel that can be controlled remotely thanks to the Smart Remote Monitoring System.

Location: Air Force Engineer department – Linate Airport Milan - Italy
Client: Italian Building Company
Project Type: Design, construction , delivery on site, supervision and training on site at first start-up
Water Treatment Plant: Biological treatment plant with phosphorus removal and Ultrafiltration on MBR technology
Raw water source: Civil Wastewater
Treated water quality: Water to be reused Clean effluent contains NO substances dangerous to the natural environment.
Capacità dell’impianto: 165 m3/day

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