Wastewater Treatment Plant

Civil Wastewater treatment plant produced by a base camp


The IDRO Group’s system is designed for the treatment of the civil wastewater produced by a base man camp for 200 equivalent population.

To reduce to the minimum the environmental impact of the plant on its surroundings the proposed design solution, in fact, has been developed to: 

  • improve the insertion of the plant in the environment, 
  • reduce the occupying area, 
  • improve the management of the plant, 
  • minimize operational costs, 
  • allowing for an eventual future extension, maintaining the same type of treatment sections.

The type of process is an active sludge treatment, integrated with biological dephosphorization, supported by MBR filtration. Such a treatment system has been optimized from an engineering point of view, having maximum working stability and great capacity to adapt to the variations of quality and quantity on inlet pollutants, minimizing the volumes involved, so as to obtain a package installation. 

Each complete plant is realized, preassembled, to fit inside 40’ ISO containers. 
The containers have manholes for easy inspection and maintenance.
The tanks of the various sections of the plant are rectangular, lightweight, sound, durable and corrosion resistant. 

All the design is done to minimize the joints between the tanks in order to reduce leakages. 

The plant is also designed to face difficult weather conditions, because the external temperature of the installation zone varies from -22°C to 40°C.

Location: Tengiz - Kazakistan

Client: Bonatti SPA

Project type: Turnkey project for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of 4 Containerized MBR system Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Water treatment plants: MBR system Civil Wastewater Treatment Plant Containerized inside 40’ INSULATED Containers.

Raw water source: Civil Wastewater coming from work Camp.

Treated water quality: Water for Technical use.


  • Equivalent Population: 200 PE 
  • Daily Flow Rate: 40 mc/d
  • Water consumption: 200 l/PE/day
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