Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Water supply system built to meet the needs of the Kibaya hospital


IDRO Group has built an osmosis water treatment plant for the Kibaya hospital, adapting it to current needs, where the quality of water and electricity is irregular.

The plant has a feed rate of 36 m3/h and a permeation efficiency of 70% which guarantees maximum water production at 25 m3/h.

Osmosis Unit has been set up with a double pump to have a redundancy that guarantees immediate continuity of operation in case of failure of one of the machines. 

To guarantee a hardness value close to zero, in the treatment system there is a softening unit downstream of the osmotic modules.

Finally, an intermediate passage-tank has been prepared from which the osmotic water is released to the softening unit with a double redundant pump. The plant is able to achieve excellent quality levels of the outgoing water.

The Wastewater is also suitable for discharging into surface water, but the best and ideal destination is in any case reuse in the plant, where possible.




Location: Manyara (Tanzania)

Client: Istituto Oikos e Agenzia Italiana di Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo (AICS)

Project Type: Design and construction of a special Water Treatment Plant to meet the Hospital’s water supply needs, adapting the system to the irregular quality of water and electrical source.

Water Treatment Plant: Water treatment Plant with Reverse Osmosis.

Raw water source: Well Water.

Treated water quality: Water can be reuse in the production cycle and/or discharged into surface water.

Capacity: Flow rate  700-900 lt/h of water.

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