Mobile drinking water treatment plant

Design, construction, installation and commissioning of drinking water Treatment Plant


IDRO Group has built two water treatment plants from different sources.

The plant was mounted on a trailer with storage tank and packed for shipment inside a 20 'ISO container as follows:

  • module Basic Water Purification Unit Module 1 Stand Alone with a capacity up to 120 mc/day designed to treat raw water from conventional sources.
  • module Reverse Osmosis Unit Module 2 BW Water Desalination Unit with capacity up to 50 mc/day to be connected to and operated in conjunction with Module 1 and treat raw water from non-conventional sources such as brackish water.

The project includes:

  • training on Site;
  • commissioning on Site;
  • warranty Technical Support;
  • continuous Supply of Spare parts and Technical Support throughout the useful life (5 years) of equipment.

Location: Colombo – Sri Lanka
Client: Commandant Special Task Force Sri Lanka Colombo
Project type: Supply of two Water Treatment Plant trailers mounted with installation, training and commissioning on site.
Water treatment plants: Two Mobile Water Treatment Plant complete of Storage water tank
Raw water source: Various, e.g. ground water, rivers, lakes and sea water.
Treated water quality: Drinking water meeting W.H.O. Drinking Water Guidelines.

  • Module 1: 120 mc/day
  • Module 2-BW: 50 mc/day


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