Drinking water treatment plant

Water treatment plant with WTP Filter Station


IDRO Group has designed and installed a containerized drinking water treatment plant, complete with a water treatment system with filter station capable of producing 150 m3/day of drinking water.

The System including:

  • containerized 20’ Plants;
  • 4 Manual Elevating Legs 10 Ton;
  • diesel Generator trailer mounted;
  • package Machine able to produce 3 mc/h = 60 mc/day of water bags in different sizes (3,5 and 10 liters).



Location: Serbia - Belgrade
Client: European Union External Action, Public Utility Company Waterworks BELGRADE.
Project type: Containerized Drinking Treatment Plant with Generator trailer mounted Water. treatment plants with installation and technical support. 
Water treatment plants: Drinking Water Treatment Plant Filter Station.
Raw water source: various e.g. ground water, rivers, lakes water.
Treated water quality: Drinking water meeting W.H.O. Drinking Water Guidelines.
Capacity: 150 m3/day of drinking water.

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