Drinking Water Treatment Plant from seawater sources

Plant designed to produce drinking water in the Italian Military Base in Gibuti


IDRO Group has designed and built a reverse osmosis purification plant for drinking water from sea water sources.

The Blue B Shelter water treatment unit is designed to produce drinking water from seawater sources including in remote areas with limited freshwater resources.

The Blue B Shelter is built inside standard size container – 20’, modified and recertified for sea and road transport.

This system is ideal to use in temporary or permanent settlements including workers camps, temporary or mobile exploration camps, villages or missions.

The Blue B Shelter includes: 

  • pretreatment though sand, activated carbon and cartridge filters;
  • automatic backwashing system;
  • automatic cleaning in place (CIP) function;
  • dedicated electrical control panel.

This system is robust and reliable and at the heart of the plant is:

  • reverse osmosis (RO) system complete with pressure pumps, 
  • energy recovery system, 
  • RO membranes specifically designed seawater and remineralization.

All materials and pumps are corrosion resistant and systems are factory tested before dispatch to site.



Location: Italian Military support base in Gibuti
Client: Italian Buildings company
Project type: Engineering, delivery on site, coordination of assembly operation, supervision and training on site at first start-up.
Water treatment plant: Reverse Osmosis system complete with pressure pumps
Raw water source: Sea water sources
Treated water quality: Drinking water
Capacity range: Design for flows 4 m3/h

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