Drinking water treatment for Renco Spa

Plants for the treatment of water from wells


IDRO Group supplied 3 Water Treatment Plants for treat water coming from wells and is designed according to the water quality as per water analysis of the wells GW015-016-018 and no RO is needed:

  • 2 with capacity of 750 m3/day
  • 1 with capacity of 880 m3/day

The supply of Drinking Water Plant is a part of the final order for Accomodation Camp for a total 9500 Man Camp in Mozambico – Afugi.

Location: Mozambico  - Afugi
Client: Renco Spa Italy
Project type: Supply of 3 Drinking Water Treatment Plant Containerized with Technical support and commissioning
Water treatment plants: 3 Water Treatment Plant complete 
Raw water source: Various, e.g. ground water, rivers, lakes and sea water.
Treated water quality: Drinking water meeting W.H.O. Drinking Water Guidelines.
Capacity: 750 / 880 m3/day

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