Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Drinking Water Treatment Plant for Food and Technical use coming from Tank


This Drinking Water Treatment Plant consists of two parallel treatment lines for water for Food use, sized for treat 100 mc/h (one of which is a reserve) and a treatment line for water for Technical use, sized for treat 2,4 mc/h.

The lines are powered by a Pumping Unit capable of guaranteeing the flow rates described above and of providing a head of 60 m.

The treatment lines for Water for Food use are composed as follow:

  • self-cleaning filter for the removal of suspended solids;
  • UV sterilizer for final disinfection of water from any bacterial load for food use.

The treatment line for Water for Technical use is composed as follow:

  • cartridge filter;
  • softener for reducing hardness (to preserve the heating system).

The plants are made on special skid to facilitate installation in the field, in particular:

  • skid for Technical water filter, softener and two pumping station;
  • skid for Recirculators, Chlororesiduomter and pumping station;
  • skid for Pumping Group predisposed with delivery lines.

Location: Tengiz - Kazakistan
Client: Oil & Gas Italian General Contractor
Project type: Turnkey project for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of 2 lines of drinking treatment plant on skid.
Water treatment plants: 2 Treatment lines complete with a pumping station mounted on skid.
Raw water source: Water coming from Truck-Tank
Treated water quality: Water for drinking/food use and Water for Technical use;

  • Water for Food use : 100 mc/h
  • Water for Technical use: 2,4 mc/h
  • Water Reserve : 13 mc/h


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