Client: Emergency Surgical Unit Pisa - Italy

Water Purifying Unit – Pisa Emergency Surgery

Drinking Water Treatment Plant Ultra Mini – 600 l/day

The Blue Ultra Mini is a compact mobile drinking water treatment unit ideal for use in a wide range of environments and treats fresh water sources such as rivers, lakes, rain water and well water. 

The BLUE ULTRA MINI drinking water treatment unit operates without chemicals:

• the fresh/feed water is treated by stages of filters including ultrafiltration the removal of solid particles. 

• the water is sterilized by ultraviolet (UV) radiation with no chemicals substances pouring. UV treatment doesn’t change water chemistry.

The BLUE ULTRA MINI unit is user friendly and has eliminated chemical use without compromising performance.

The Unit might be equipped by:

- fuel generator

- a battery and solar panel to work anywhere , anytime

These feature make the unit ideal for remote or hard-to-get-to locations.

The water treatment unit and all accessories are packed together ready for immediate road, air &/or sea transport; 

BLUE ULTRA MINI units are delivered “ready to start”;

Once on the ground components can be easily disconnected for easy handling by one or two people; Accessories are located in a box, which it can be put on the skid or transported by hand.

Location: Pisa 

Project type: Ultrafiltration and UV radiation without chemicals ideal for emergency intervention.

Water treatment plants: N. 1 skid  with Drinking Water Treatment with accessories located in a wooden-box

Raw water sources: Fresh water sources such rivers, lakes, rain water and well water

Treated water quality: Drinking Water 600 l/h

Capacity: 600 l/day

Tags: Water treatment

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