Client: Private User - Grey water treatment plant

Grey water treatment plant

Grey water means those coming from sinks, showers and bathtubs (excluding the toilet, bidet and the entire kitchen) and which, due to their degree of contamination, can be collected, treated and disinfected, and then sent back to domestic users (inside the toilet rinsing boxes) or reused for irrigation.
The IDROCELL MINI grey water recovery and reuse system can reduce drinking water consumption in a simple and safe way.
The water used for personal hygiene (grey water) is returned to a hygienically pure state; the water thus treated can be reused for rinsing toilets, watering the garden or cleaning the building.

The IDROCELL MINI plant finds its major applications in single-family buildings, hairdressing salons, workshops and office buildings where grey water consumption is contained.

The grey waters are collected into a tank where they undergo a first filtration treatment of coarse (hair, pelurie, etc.).
From here the water is taken by means of a self-adhesive pump and sent to a subsequent filtration phase with washable cartridge (10 microns).
In a second step, the water is sent to a filter of activated carbons and debacterized by UV filter.
The outgoing water will be suitable for the intended purpose and sent to the end users.

Location: Ragusa 

Tipologia di Progetto: Grey water reuse

Water Source: Grey water

Treatment: Separation + filtration & UV

Capacity: 20 lt/ min  - 5 ab.eq.


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