IDRO Group supplies emergency kits to UNICEF

Our client is one of the world’s leading emergency relief agencies in the water sector working to supply water treatment plants and related equipment as quickly as possible to disaster affected areas where water, in all its forms, is involved.

Supporting this effort, IDRO Group maintains a constant stock of heavy duty drainage pumps packaged with diesel or petrol driven generators and accessories including: 

  • 30m of water delivery hose; 
  • 50m of support rope; 
  • 25m of extension cable;
  • engine oil; 
  • generator trolley; 
  • multilingual instruction manuals. 

IDRO Group is able to deliver the pump and generator sets to any Italian air or sea port within 48 hours of receiving a request from the client. 

IDRO Group’s in house logistics department ensures that all equipment is packed to international transport standards and then works closely with the client and their chosen freight forwarders to see that the goods are safely delivered on site asap.

IDRO Group is proud to have carried out various consignments of these packaged pump and generator sets to Port-au-Prince in Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake in early 2010. This equipment helps drain unwanted and stagnating water which can quickly become unhygienic and even dangerous in such disaster affected areas.

Location:  Worldwide

Client: Intergovernmental Organization and Fund promoting the health and safety of children around the world

Project type: Renewable Long Term Arrangement (LTA) for Emergency Assistance.

Equipment: Submersible drainage grinder pump, and a diesel or petrol driven, air cooled generator and accessories. 

Application: Draining areas flooded with dirty, waters possibly containing large solids and suspended matter.

Raw water: Heavily contaminated water with solids up to 50mm in diameter.


  • Pump 7m3/hr flow rate, 21.2 m TMH

  • Generator KVA 7.3, kW 5.8, 400V - 3 phase - 230V 

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