Reverse osmosis water treatment plan

Plant for the treatment of brackish water through reverse osmosis


IDRO Group has carried out, for the Ministry of Defense, the treatment of brackish water with high concentrations of hydrocarbons, arsenic and selenium, through a reverse osmosis system complete with pre-treatments, pre-assembly on skid.

The system has been sized in such a way as to obtain approximately 1 m3 / h of drinking water, compared to a flow rate of water supplied equal to approximately 2 m3 / h. The quantity of water to be fed may vary in relation to the characteristics and composition of the feed wate.

A final remineralizing filter is also provided for the correction of the pH and the restoration of the mineral characteristics of the water.

The activated carbon filter has been sized to ensure the removal of total polycyclic hydrocarbons and residual chlorine (due to the hypochlorite dosage for initial disinfection), both of which are harmful to reverse osmosis membranes.

The reverse osmosis treatment system aims to remove the substances dissolved in the water. The system involves the use of membranes that allow to completely eliminate polluting particles as well as viruses, bacteria and impurities in general. An initial cartridge filter is also provided to eliminate sand or other elements that cloud the water.





Location: Roma - Italy

Client: Ministero della Difesa in capo alla squadra Navale

Project type: Supply of RO WTP Plant

Water treatment plants: Reverse Osmosis (RO) brackish water desalination plants producing drinking water complete with pre-treatment on skid.

Raw water source: Brackish water

Treated water quality: Drinking water

Capacity: Producing 1 m3/h of drinking water

Tags: Water treatment

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