Process water treatment and recovery plant from the mechanical industry

IDRO Group plant for process water from production departments

The system (capacity 120 mc/g) is designed for the treatment and reuse of process wastewater produced by an electropumps production plant.

To minimize the impact of the plant on the surrounding environment, the proposed design solution has been developed to: 

  • reduce the areas; 
  • to improve the management of the plant; 
  • to minimize operating costs. 

Also allowing a possible future expansion, maintaining the same type of treatment sections. 

The type of process is a treatment of Ultrafiltration followed by nanofiltration and supplemented by a chemical-physical for the recovery of the concentrates of the first stage. This treatment system has been optimized from an engineering point of view, having maximum working stability and great ability to adapt to changes in quality and quantity on incoming pollutants, minimizing the volumes involved, in order to obtain a package installation.

The recovery rate is at an average of 65-70% of the incoming water and the concentrated drainage allows discharge with values contained within the limits of acceptability for discharge in public sewer.

The plant is also designed to cope with difficult climatic conditions since the external temperature of the installation area varies from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C

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