Euro Mec, where the water is a resource for all, April 24 2013


April 24 2013

In the 112 Emergencies periodical (issue 2, March 2013) an article regarding the visit to Euro Mec by the honorable Giuseppe Zamberletti and a delegation of the periodical has been published. Besides the presentation by the company, guests were able to participate in a live demonstration of potable water treatment procedures located at the agro-tourist facility “Il Laghet" di Soave (Mn). The innovative and strategic technology applied to the Mobile Drinking facility which was demonstrated has been employed around the world in numerous situations, from emergency civil catastrophes, UN Peace Keeping Missions and military units engaged in “hot zones”.
With a establishments in Porto Mantovano (MN), Montichiari and Orzinuovi (BS), the company has branch offices throughout the world including: Angola, Mexico, USA, Croatia, Bulgaria, Sudan, Cape Verde, Iraq, Brazil, Libya, South Africa and Russia.
Euro Mec is a company which has decided with conviction, in just a few years, to subscribe to the "Global Compact policy" by producing environmentally friendly products and services in accordance with human rights, labor rights and anti-corruption principles. It comes as no surprise then that 38% of the company’s employees found throughout the world, at all levels from operational to management, even in some of the most challenged areas of the world, are women.


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