Green Lift

GREEN LIFT stations are used for the accumulation and pumping of water. These pumping stations are designed in lightweight high density polyethylene which makes them easy to handle and install onsite.

Installed below ground, GREEN LIFT pump stations permit water to be conveyed, pumped, up to above ground water treatment plants. They can also function as equalization/ homogenization chambers, a type of pretreatment, downstream of further treatment.

GREEN LIFT stations are supplied complete with submersible pump(s), piping, level regulators, control panel and all accessories necessary for service

Green Lift

  • Lightweight pumping station designed to be easily transported inside standard size shipping containers
  • Equipped with robust grinder pumps
  • Optional basket filters available at inlet
  • Plug and play system delivered ready to start
  • Completely automatic

Tags: Water treatment

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Green Lift

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