Cleaning automatic System

Cold water Tank is used for the automatic cleaning of wastewater collected during stormwater events in rainwater accumuation e retention basins.

  • Cleaning Flap

IDRO - 4106 cold water tank is usedfor automatic cleaning of waste water collected during stormwater event in rainwater accumulation tanks, retention basins, etc.

The clening operation takes place when basin is empty, to prevent, to prevent accumulated dirt from causingincrustations or spreading dad odours.

The tank may be filled whit clean (Subterranean, canal, of the network) or dirty water (runoff); it works without eletrical energy and is completely maintenance free.

  •  Clapet Valve

Cleaning device fixed with clapet valve are valid alternative to traditional device, mostly in rectangular tanks up to 60 m in length.

they are safe, effective and extremely cheap technological solution as they don't need maintenance -the water they use for cleaning is the rainwater itself- and have minimal or no energy consumption.

the clapet valve is for collecing part of the rainfall and for releasing it outright at the end of the event, in such a way as to generate a cleaning wave.


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