Total Oxidation Plants in Concrete

MEC series plants are used for the purification of civil waste water coming from hotels, restaurants, tourist villages, shopping centers, craft activities, hospitals, etc.

These biological purifiers are designed according to the characteristics of the wastewater to be treated and are sized to ensure  the limits of acceptability set by the law in force for discharge into surface waters.

The monolithic nature of the tanks, are easily and quickly inserted, ensures the absence of infiltration and leakage into the ground, giving absolute guarantee against hygienic problems.

The plants have a "total" oxidation cycle, with biological activation and sludge stabilization, simultaneously with the sewage purification. The purification process includes the following phases: roughing (optional); biological oxidation; sedimentation; recirculation of activated sludge; discharge of clarified and purified water.

Tags: Concrete plant, Municipal plant