Sodium hypochlorite gravity dosing systems

Where it is possible to make use of electricity, primary and wastewater can be sterilized both with UV-C rays disinfection systems and standard dosing systems by IDRO Group. In case of logistic difficulties and/or high costs to connect to the electrical network, sterilization has always constituted a problem which IDRO Group has easily and economically solved by designing and producing sodium hypochlorite gravity dosing systems.

Gravity dosing systems are chlorinators that work without electric power supply, thus obtaining great economic and practical benefits.
The dosing system is made up of a plastic tank, and it works as follows:

The dosing system is also equipped with a plastic protective shield.
The standard supply includes dosing unit, storage tank and connecting accessories.
• No electricity required
• No maintenance required, except for quarterly capillary tube cleaning
• No breaking or clogging risk
Water potabilization
• Wastewater disinfection
• Fertirrigation
• Potabilizators in the mountains