Standard, Proportional and with regulation control dosing system

M1 standard dosing station is made up of:

  • Storage tank in polyethylene having standard capacity of 100 l, with load and support cap for the dosing pump. Storage tanks with greater capacity are also available. The system may also be equipped with agitator.
  • dosing pump completely made in acid-resistant material, which is in turn made up of: head with membrane acti vated by a variable frequency magnet, electronic circuit, 0-100% flow adjustment device, suction and delivery accessories.

Proportional dosing system mod. M1P

It is necessary to make the functioning of the dosing pump proportional to the water being treated, if this has a variable flow rate. This can be achieved by installing a volumetric meter with a pulse-emitting head on the water piping. The dosing pump starts to work according to the pulses, the number of which corresponds to a given quantity of water, until reaching the right quanti ty of solution for water being treated. Standard options for piping Ø ½” to DN 200. 

Dosing system with regulation and control MOD. M1P-CLR

The most complete adjustment of the proportional dosing of sodium hypochlorite is achieved by means of a residual chlorine meter. Dosing unit M1P-CLR dosing stati on is a real regulation and control system, complete with residual chlorine measurement cell, microprocessor residual chlorine meter, microprocessor dosing pump for proportional functioning.

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