The plant is studied to exploit the energy potential of slurry and manure through an anaerobic digestion process for the production of biogas and consequent energy recovery.

During the day, slurries and manures will be fed to the plant according to the feeding program planned by the control system.
Under mixing and temperature controlled conditions, the anaerobic digestion causes substances degradation and biogas production.
Usually the biogas produced has a methane content of 55-65%. It is collected inside gasholder chambers positioned over the digesters. From them, the biogas is fed to the CHP unit for the thermal and electric power production. The digester is equipped by a biological desulphurization system carried out through control and adjustment of the oxygen concentration inside the gasholder chamber as well as taking roots dedicated supports for bacterium devoted to sulphur precipitation.
Each digester is a reinforced concrete construction, equipped with thermal insulation to reduce thermal dispersion.
The gas produced, extracted from the gasholder, is sent to a CHP unit for combined thermal and electric energy recovery.

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