The GREEN MBR is a containerized waste water treatment plant designed to optimize space during transport and onsite.

Projects incorporating the GREEN MBR system can significantly reduce site works as the plants take up little space thanks to the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) technology employed.

Thanks to the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) technology inside the GREEN MBR system, the treated water is good enough to be reused* for such tasks as flushing toilets, washing vehicles and irrigating green areas (not necessarily food crops). The GREEN MBR systems are designed with the dimensions of standard shipping containers meaning that whole systems can be sent anywhere around the world.


* to be confirmed by norms and standards in place at final destination.


  • Compact unit designed to the dimensions of standard size shipping containers
  • Pre-treatment, denitrification, biological oxidation, MBR (membrane filtration), sludge recycling.
  • Treated water can be reused for activities such as sub irrigation, toilet flushing or vehicle washing
  • MBR technology reduces the system’s footprint and therefore space requirement
  • No bulking or floating sludge
  • Modular so the system can be scaled up or down to cater to different capacity requirements

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