27 October 2020

Merger by incorporation IDRO – EMWG

Milan, 27 October 2020

We are pleased to inform you that the merger process by incorporation of EMWG Srl into IDRO Srl has ended and is operational. Idro Group Srl, in short Idro Srl, is the new reality into which all the staff and activities of EMWG Srl, formerly Euro Mec Water Group, have merged.
The merger by incorporation of the two companies into a single legal and company entity will allow us to better respond to market demands by offering a significant range of quality products and services in the treatment and purification of wastewater, drinking water treatment, production of biogas and biomethane, and air deodorization.
The merger exploits the best of each reality: the 43 years of experience and references of the Idro Group will be a guarantee for our customers in perfect synergy with the Euromec wealth of experience and knowledge acquired by EMWG since 2015.
Our Board of Directors thanks Massimo Muscari for his essential activity as Sole Director of EMWG.
He thanks all the collaborators and suppliers of the Idro Group who, with their friendship, great skills and quality of work, have contributed to this goal, which is also the starting point for important developments and work that, all together, and with the strengthened company consistency, we are certain we can deal with successfully.

Board of Directors

Giovanni Benedetti
Michele Benedetti
Eleonora Benedetti
Marco Spada

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