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Stormwater and runoff treatment plants

Stormwater management: why it matters 

Stormwater management is critical to limiting water and soil pollution. Stormwater runoff from asphalt surfaces, such as maneuvering, passing, or vehicle parking areas, is a major source of pollution to receiving water bodies. The sources of this pollution are closely related to the characteristics of the environments with which stormwater comes into contact, from when it is formed in the atmosphere to when, after falling on the ground, it is collected by a drainage system and discharged into a receiving body.

Storm water treatment to combat pollution 

Water that falls back on the earth needs to be purified through storm water treatment.
This is because, in passing through the atmosphere, raindrops absorb substances present there, and if the atmosphere is polluted, the rain also becomes laden with pollutants (suspended solids, organics, nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorides); once it reaches the ground, stormwater acquires further contamination through contact with roads, garbage, vegetation and paved surfaces. 

Stormwater treatment system: solutions from Idro

Today, in all countries, specific regulations have been introduced to accumulate, treat and manage stormwater that can cause high pollution in receiving bodies.

For this reason, Idro Group has developed a stormwater treatment system for the purification of water bodies, suitable for small, medium and large areas and customizable according to customer needs. The stormwater treatment system includes both de-oiling plants and first rainwater spillways. With long experience in the field, Idro Group is able to advise and guide customers to choose the right first rainwater treatment plant for their needs. 

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