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Stormwater and runoff treatment plants

Rainwater runoff which flows along impervious surfaces (roads, parking lots and sidewalks) is a major source of pollution of receiving waters.

Such pollution sources derive from the formation of rainfall, as harmful substances are released in the atmosphere. Raindrops absorb substances while falling through the atmosphere and, when this is polluted, rainwater is added with such pollutants as: suspended solids, organic substances, nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorides, etc.

Once it reaches the round, rainwater runoff is collected in stormwater drainage systems and discharged into receiving waters. Rainwater picks up further contaminants along the way, due to: pneumatic and brake abrasion, oil and fuel spills, antifreeze and road salt, urban waste, vegetation and impervious surfaces.

Nowadays, specific laws have been introduced in many countries to regulate the collection and the treatment of the first flush of runoff, which can seriously pollute receiving waters.

IDRO Group has investigated the treatment of the first flush of runoff, which results in a number of treatment plants designed for small, medium and large surfaces.

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