Submersible Well Pumps

High reliability and innovation in our deep well pumps

Choosing the right submersible well pump is crucial for the efficiency and quality of the water supply. IDRO Group offers a wide range of submersible well pumps specifically designed to ensure optimal performance in deep wells.

Our SP range of deep well electric submersible pumps are the epitome of reliability and corrosion resistance, ensuring high energy efficiency with an efficiency of over 55 percent. In addition to these outstanding features, these pumps offer unique versatility: they are designed to operate effectively in both horizontal and vertical positions, providing a flexible solution for different installation requirements. Their robustness, combined with exceptional ease of maintenance, makes our submersible well pumps the optimal choice for those seeking the most advanced and reliable solution on the market.

IDRO Group has also added value to its deep well submersible pumps by equipping them with an additional cable of the rated head plus 30 meters to ensure reliable installation and operation even in 50 and 100 meter wells.

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