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Renewable energy production facilities

Design and implementation of renewable energy plants

Idro Group specializes in the design and implementation of sustainable solutions for energy creation and environmental protection.

With its own engineering structure, it is able to independently design and develop projects for renewable energy plants.

Idro Group provides its expertise, the experience gained over the years and the professionalism acquired by its technical staff to realize the plants by following the procedural process in every phase: from the feasibility study to the identification of the most suitable installation site, from the design of the biomethane plant, to the drafting of all the necessary paperwork for its authorization up to its realization including its management and maintenance.

Idro Group is able to produce all the necessary documentation starting from the maintenance plan to the guarantees of operation and testing. The solutions for renewable energy installations that we offer are turnkey, so the customer will be assured of a complete and quality service.

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