The biofilter is the most natural system for air deodorization. The smells removal with chemicals or adsorbent products instead of eliminate the pollution transfers it to another place.
In chemical washing towers, for example, the air pollution is transferred to the water, which must then be treated. In absorption towers, the pollutants are absorbed by active carbons; the exhausted active carbons have to be disposed of as special waste.
Systems with deodorising products have a high consumption and therefore high management costs.
In the AERNET biofilter, the noxious substances are transformed into non-toxic compounds, such as carbon dioxide and water, by aerobic bacterial flora fixed on a special support bed (biofiltering process). The bed consists of a special biologically activated vegetable material called BIOMAT.
This special bed keeps the porous structure supporting the microorganisms for a long time. The support material lets the air pass through its porous structure and helps the contact between the polluting substances and the bacteria.

The process has already been successfully tested and used to eliminate odors from:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Municipal solid waste treatment plants (composting)
  • Processing of meat and fish waste
  • Coffee processing
  • Tobacco processing
  • Leather processing
  • Food processing in general