The technical terms for sewage systems

This section contains all the terms that make up the technical glossary for purification systems. A dictionary useful to deepen the knowledge of the reference sector and make the choice of your system.

First flush water

Are the first 5 mm of precipitated water , in the first phase of an atmospheric event, for every square meter of impermeable surface provided with a draining net and which, when not absorbed or eva...

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Fresh water

Fresh water: generally indicates the water in inland water courses coming from rain and/or melting ice and snow. The definition therefore excludes sea water and brackish water and includes lakes, p...

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Filtration is a mechanical or physical operation that is employed for the separation of solids from a liquid (liquid or gas) using a media which only allows liquid to pass through.

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Natural purification system of waste water through the root system of plant organisms that are in the water to be purified.

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