The technical terms for sewage systems

This section contains all the terms that make up the technical glossary for purification systems. A dictionary useful to deepen the knowledge of the reference sector and make the choice of your system.

Drinking water (potable water)

Drinking water (potable water): this is a primary resource which maintains living things and is fundamental to human survival. The legislation 31/2001, and subsequent modifications and integration...

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The degreaser is a well in which the gray water discharges flow from kitchen sinks and bathroom elements except for the toilet. The degreaser has the function of separating the water from the fa...

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Demineralization: is the total or partial elimination of dissolved salts (minerals) from water through a chemical-physical treatment.

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Desalination: the technological system designed to eliminate salt from water.

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Disinfection is a measure to reduce through killing, inactivation or removal/dilution, the quantity of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, spores, in order to control the ris...

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Drainage system

By sewer (or urban drainage system or sewage system) we mean the complex of canals, generally underground, to collect and dispose of surface water (rain, washing, etc.) and waste water away from ci...

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