The technical terms for sewage systems

This section contains all the terms that make up the technical glossary for purification systems. A dictionary useful to deepen the knowledge of the reference sector and make the choice of your system.


Preliminary step aimed at eliminating coarse parts before the treatment plant.

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Waste water recovery

Redevelopment of a waste water, through adequate purification treatment, in order to make it suitable for distribution for specific re-uses.

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Remineralisation the technological system designed to add dissolved mineral salts to water.

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Reuse of waste water

It is the use of recovered waste water of certain quality for specific intended use, by a distribution network, in partial or total replacement of surface or underground water.

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Salinity is a parameter used to describe the the salt content of a body of water.

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Waste water discharge

Any input of waste water carried out exclusively through a stable collection system that seamlessly connects the production cycle of the waste with the receiving body (surface water, soil, subsoil ...

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Sedimentation is the tendency for particles or molecules to settle out of the liquid solution in which they are suspended. Sedimentation can be caused by gravity, centrifugal force or by electricit...

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Pump station (lift station)

Pump station (lift station) is a station of one or more pumps employed to pump (lift) water from one place to another.

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Sterilization refers to the elimination and/or the complete inactivation of all forms of life present on a surface, contained in a fluid, or in a compound.

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