The technical terms for sewage systems

This section contains all the terms that make up the technical glossary for purification systems. A dictionary useful to deepen the knowledge of the reference sector and make the choice of your system.

Aquaduct (water distribution network)

Aquaduct (water distribution network): is complex network constructed for the transport of water from one place to another for various reasons such as: drinking water use, irrigation, industrial us...

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Acronym of Biochemical Oxygen Demand. It measures the amount of oxygen required by the biochemical waste water purification processes or better the amount of oxygen consumed in mg / l, during some ...

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A polluting chemical product or compound which, when dispersed in the environment, easily decomposes into less polluting compounds, thanks to the action of bacteria or other microorganisms.

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Thin film of microorganisms adhered to an inert solid support immersed in a liquid growth medium.

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Mixture of various types of gas, mainly composed of methane, produced by bacterial fermentation in the absence of oxygen (anaerobiosis) of organic residues from plant or animal residues

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Acronym of Chemical Oxygen Demand. It represents the quantity of oxygen (mgO2 / l) necessary for the complete chemical oxidation of the organic and inorganic compounds present in a water sample.

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Method used for water disinfection by adding a sodium hypochlorite solution.

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Concentrate: this term refers to the concentrated solution of contaminants that have been separated from water during treatment.

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The degreaser is a well in which the gray water discharges flow from kitchen sinks and bathroom elements except for the toilet. The degreaser has the function of separating the water from the fa...

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