Waste treatment systems

Reuse to reduce environmental impact and costs

The design of waste treatment systems, as solid materials or liquids, that could not otherwise be reused, plays an essential role in obtaining second-grade materials - such as compost, which can then be effectively used to improve the soil to be cultivated, or rainwater, which can be filtered and reused. A reliable and intelligent management and treatment system of organic material and waste liquids allows to reduce waste and costs and improve the subsequent processes, guaranteeing a rational and ecological management of resources.

Solid waste: composting plants designed by Idro Group

Idro Group Srl is specialized in the design, construction, management and assistance of plants for the production of biogas and biomethane as a renewable energy source from municipal, agricultural and agro-industrial waste.

In addition, the company manufactures composting plants and systems mainly for industrial and agricultural fields. Compost treatment plants are developed to meet different needs of management, control and reuse of waste organic substances. Composting is in fact an aerobic thermophilic process of degradation of organic matter, which allows to accelerate the degradation processes obtaining a biologically stable product that can be reused. These plants are used in many different sectors to obtain quality compost, for example by using agri-food waste, green waste and sewage sludge.

Water recovery

Not only solid waste. IDRO Group also specializes in the design and implementation of sustainable solutions for the recovery and management of water - meteoric, wastewater and beyond. By expertly applying proven technologies, innovative materials and qualified personnel, the Group develops systems for the purification of water, for the treatment and reuse of civil and industrial waste water. Water treatment requires discharges of organic origin and biological purifiers that Idro Group can realize also on project. For civil and industrial plants are used prefabricated tanks monobloc, in reinforced and vibrated concrete, steel, fiberglass and PEAD (high density polyethylene) depending on the need and to meet all requests.

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