Designing composting plants

Systems for producing compost

The design of composting plants, mainly for agricultural businesses, plays a fundamental role in treating organic material and industrial waste to obtain quality compost that can then be used efficiently to improve agricultural soil. A reliable and intelligent system for management and treatment of organic material reduces waste and costs while helping to improve processes, ensuring functional and ecological management of resources.

Composting systems designed by Idro Group

Idro Group designs and manufactures composting systems mainly for industrial and agricultural use, with the specific needs of the client in mind. The compost treatment systems are made with high-tech components to help reduce waste as well as operating costs and guarantee perfect functioning over time. Idro Group solutions guarantee great results with a composting process that is simple and affordable.

Idro Group solutions

Idro Group has developed composting systems, designed to satisfy different needs in terms of management, inspection, and reuse of organic substances, and even waste. Composting is, in fact, an aerobic thermophilous process of degradation of organic substances, conducted under controlled conditions. By blowing air into the waste pile, reactions occur which build heat and elevated temperatures. If maintained for long periods of time, the degradation process is accelerated, creating an organically stable substance by evaporating large quantities of water and sanitizing the material.

These systems are used in many different sectors to obtain a quality compost by using agricultural food waste, greens and sewage sludge; alternately, the organic substance and production can be stabilized from municipal solid waste or recycling, from the inorganic section of refuse-derived fuel.

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