First flush treatment plants

Designing and manufacturing rainwater treatment plants

Designing first flush treatment plants, both for civil and industrial use, plays a fundamental role in disposing of rainwater in a wide range of situations and areas. A reliable and intelligent system of rainwater disposal management ensures time and money savings, reduces water leaks as well as possible damage caused by climatic events and related costs by optimizing performance. Furthermore, it guarantees functional and ecological management of water resources and appropriate disposal of rainwater.

Treatment plants designed by Idro Group

Idro Group designs and manufactures rainwater treatment systems and plants for civil and industrial sectors, with the specific needs of the client in mind. Rainwater treatment plants are made with high-tech components to help reduce waste as well as operating costs and guarantee perfect functioning over time. These plants are used at the service of sealed areas in industrial yards, intermodal areas, ports and airports, streets, bypasses and highways, and are generally installed to facilitate the dispersal of water by infiltration into the ground. Treating water before running into the aquifers also helps to avoid overloading the drainage system when it rains and to avoid causing purifiers to malfunction.

Idro Group solutions

Idro Group has developed first flush treatment plants for any size and surface. Each project is developed to satisfy different needs in terms of capabilities and inspection, filtration and disposal of water. Idro Group proposes solutions such as:

  • Oil separation systems
  • Plants for maintenance of hydraulic and hydrologic invariance
  • First flush spillways

More information?

If you need more information about Idro Group rain water treatment systems, don't hesitate to contact us through the form found in the contacts section. We'll be happy to provide detailed information as soon as possible.

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