Designing water softeners

Civil and industrial systems for softening water

Idro Group is specialized in designing water softeners, systems that play a fundamental role in supplying high-quality potable water for both industrial and civil use. A reliable and intelligent water softening system ensures time and money savings, reduces water leaks and related costs by optimizing performance. Furthermore, it guarantees an optimal and ecological management of water resources and final result for all companies that use water in a professional setting.

Why soften water?

Idro Group designs and manufactures water softening systems and plants for civil and industrial use. These systems are made with high-tech components to help reduce waste as well as operating costs. Softeners can be used in systems where encrusted calcium and magnesium salt need to be eliminated. The synthetic resin loaded into the softener replaces the calcium and magnesium salts with soluble sodium salts.

Water softening or the elimination of these encrusting salts is needed in many civil and industrial fields. Softeners are used to treat water that is needed

  • to power low-pressure furnaces
  • for laundry
  • in individual households or condominiums.

Water softeners by the Idro Group

Idro Group proposes different water softener solutions for primary, water based on different needs and area of application – both for civil and industrial use. Each project is developed to satisfy many different needs. The choice in water softener is made based on the cyclical capacity (the amount of water with a conventional hardness of 1°F that can be softened in two regenerations) and the hourly capacity required by its use. As a result, Idro Group offers solutions such as:

  • Timed systems
  • Volumetric systems
  • Duplex systems

For more information

If you need more details about Idro Group water softeners, don't hesitate to contact us through the form found in the contacts section. We'll be happy to provide detailed information as soon as possible.

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