IDRO Group provides after-sales service assistance?

To provide optimal service to the customer IDRO Group has an after-sales service with qualified personnel and adequate operational resources.

With every sales proposal, a Technical Support Program is offered in the contract, this is to ensure that the plants supplied and installed are able to guarantee the best results regarding acceptable discharge values and constant operating efficiency over time.

Furthermore this program provides consultancy with personnel experienced in dealing with regulatory bodies.
IDRO Group’s contract provides for the assessment and maintenance of plants once or twice a year, valid for 6 months, or based on the clients needs, with the exclusion of spare parts if required, cleaning and disposal of resulting sludge and intervention for extraordinary maintenance.

The cost of analyses is included in the technical support contract.
IDRO Group ’s technicians will compile a “technical intervention report” for each visit detailing the state of the plant.

IDRO Group  therefore is able to provide:

  • Technical support
  • Complete management of plants and sewer networks
  • Supervision of clients’ plant management
  • Analytical laboratory testing
  • Consulting service regarding environmental issues and working with regulating bodies









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