What measures are envisaged with the signing of a contract with IDRO Group?

The unique works and equipment required for a specific water treatment project are specified in a detailed technical offer which then becomes an integral part of the contract.

Rain water treatment plants

  • Cleaning and function verifying probe
  • Mechanical verification of tubing and barriers
  • Functional verification of backflow valve
  • Verification of automatic tank emptying

Hydrocarbon separation plants

  • Checking and cleaning of coalescence filter
  • Functional verification of shutter and floatation devices
  • Mechanical verification of tubing and barriers
  • Checking of sludge and oil tanks

Biological plants with small dimensions

  • Checking of sludge in roughing tank
  • Verification of sludge concentration in oxidation
  • Verification of tubing, devices and electric blowers
  • Verification of electrical controls and timers
  • Measurement of electricity levels being used by all electrical equipment

Biological plants with medium dimensions and those for industrial use

  • Support, from start up, in getting new plant fully operational
  • Complete plant management or supervision of the client’s management
  • Scheduled management of plants with verification of process parameters, and analytical testing on site or in laboratories
  • Functional verification of equipment with regular and extraordinary maintenance
  • 24 hour support service
  • Consulting service regarding environmental issues and discharge permits
  • Consulting service regarding working with regulating bodies
  • Training for plant management staff
  • Complete water and sludge analysis service









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