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IDRODEPURAZIONE S.R.L, now IDRO GROUP srl, was founded in 1977 and is a company specialized in environmental plant engineering, in particular in the design, construction, installation, start-up and maintenance of plants for the treatment of waste and drinking water, civil and industrial; Idro has also acquired considerable experience in the design and construction of plants for the production of biogas and biomethane. Today Idro is an undisputed leader both in the supply of small and medium prefabricated plants, and in the design and construction of large surface systems.

Over the years, Idro has acquired other companies in the sector, thus increasing its specialization and its reference market. Finally, in September 2020 it acquired EMWG srl (formerly Euro Mec srl) specialized in the design, construction, installation, start-up and maintenance of compact&mobile water treatment systems for wastewater and drinking water, especially aimed at companies, organizations and communities that need to improve water quality, to meet hygienic and sanitary needs and to solve crises caused by natural and artificial disasters.

Idro Group srl, with the company SWENCO Sagl is now part of the CONSORTIUM IDRO Scarl .

SWENCO is the engineering company that deals with environmental consultancy within the Group. Founded in 2008, it makes use of the skills of a staff of highly qualified technicians and engineers and for years operating in the field of water treatment plants. The services offered are designed according to the customer's needs, from feasibility studies to environmental impact assessments, from supervision to work management, from the elaboration of financial plans to technical-economic plans in the different areas of natural resource management such as aqueduct design, water flow, collection treatment and purification of primary and secondary water.

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