The Group

IDRODEPURAZIONE s.r.l. is specialized in water and waste water treatment, air purification, solid waste treatment and in energy generation from renewable sources Idrodepurazione s.r.l.  is particularly interested in advancing research in eco-sustainable technologies for air, water and waste treatment focusing on recovering treated elements so as to increase available quantities of that element or resource. The company’s objective is to combine respect for the environment with the development of new and increasingly advanced systems that can reduce the costs of such treatments.
Idrodepurazione s.r.l. has experience in the construction and management of facilities around Italy and abroad, responding to different client needs and supporting international humanitarian efforts.

EMWG SRL, born from the acquisition of EURO MEC SRL, is a company specialized in design, construction, installation, start-up and maintenance of compact & mobile water treatment systems for wastewater and drinking water, especially aimed at companies, organizations and communities who need to improve water quality, to meet health and hygiene needs and to resolve environmental crises.

SWENCO is an environmental engineering consulting company and part of the idro group. Swenco is an engineering company established in 2008 and supported by a staff of Highly qualified technicisns andengineering with years of experience in water treatement system construction. The services offered vary according to the needs of the customer: a specialist group of engineers works to provide support for feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, supervision and projectmenegement, elaboratione and tchnical project and financial plans.



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