Blue Lamella Plus

Code: BLP
Designed to produce safe drinking water from fresh water sources with high turbidity.

The BLUE LAMELLA PLUS system is designed to produce safe drinking water from fresh water sources with high turbidity, up to 500 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units). The treatment plant includes a raw water intake system capable of drawing from the source specified such as river lake, shallow well, borehole, tanks including rain water reservoirs. From this source the BLUE LAMELLA PLUS plants can produce up to 100 m³/hr each (note: modularity means higher yields are always possible) of drinking water meeting WHO guidelines. The BLUE LAMELLA PLUS is ideal for use in regions where rainy seasons bring a lot of water that collects in rivers, lakes and dams along with soil and mud which causes the high turbidity. The BLUE LAMELLA PLUS systems deliberately employ technologies that allow us to significantly reduce their physical footprint whilst optimizing performance. 


Once in the system, the water passes through the following treatment stages: chemical dosing, slow sedimentation in a lamella settler followed by sand filtration. The system includes filter backwashing and is equipped with a sludge dewatering unit with drainage bags. The standard BLUE LAMELLA PLUS plants produce 10, 40 and 100 m³/hr but combinations and other sizes are available.

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