AERNET: biofiltration plants realized on site

IDROENGINEERING presents biofiltration AERNET plants, the easiest, most natural and least expensive way to deodorize air:
- the easiest because it doesn’t employ chemical reagents to be prepared and measured, nor particular control instruments;
- the most natural, as the bacterial flora contained in the biologically active vegetal filling of the AERNET biofilters knocks down and transforms the smelly biological substances in non toxic mixtures, such as carbon dioxide and water;
- the least expensive, as the AERNET biofilters have from two to five as lower operational costs as other depuration systems’ , and they don’t require special maintenance charge.

So far air deodorization and odours knocking down have been achieved with chemical or absorbing products employ, with the result of not eliminating but shifting the pollution to other seats, causing further problems.
On the contrary, in the AERNET biofiltration plants the harmful substances are knocked down by an aerobic bacterial flora fixed on a damp absorbing bed.
The moder AERNET biofilters have a special biologically active vegetal matter filling that keeps for a long time the porous structure which supports the microorganisms and allows air filtering.

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